Improve Your Negotiation Habits

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Though it takes 21 days to establish habits you can begin to have an impact on your negotiations today. This course takes you through that habit forming barrier and into your next level of negotiation effectiveness using easy to digest daily lessons sent directly to your email over 24 days. You will learn a new implementable skill each day that we will continue to build on so you are creating more effective negotiation habits. 


Already read Never Split The Difference? While you probably devoured the book in the course of a few days, this course takes many of the same skills and concepts and allows you to focus on them one at a time. 


This course covers the following topics, and more:

  • The Black Swan 9 Core Negotiation Skills
  • Preparation
  • Saying “no” While Maintaining Relationships
  • Effective Email Negotiation
  • Leverage and Fairness



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...I started paying close attention to my daily nuggets from Black Swan.  They are fun to read and easy to understand.  I used just one technique and saved $7,000 instantly!  I did this with two different companies, and two different people and it worked exactly the same both times!  It’s a technique that is something I don’t normally do and seems so simple that it’s easy to gloss over.

-Robin Borough, President of Omnikron Systems