Effectively Influencing Others

How To Negotiate With People Not Like You

How do you best identify different negotiation approaches and deal with them most effectively?

3 hour session

We all grow up learning The Golden Rule  “treat people how you want to be treated.” This wrongfully assumes we are all the same in how we communicate, process information, and value things. In negotiation this concept can lead to failure.


So what should you do? In order to effectively influence others, you first have to understand them. The Black Swan rule for negotiation success is to "treat people how they want to be treated." This discussion based training, adapted from the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, identifies the 3 specific negotiator types and what skills are most effective on each. 


Learning Takeaways:

  • What drives each of the 3 negotiator types
  • An understanding of your negotiator type and how your counterpart views you
  • How to identify your counterpart's negotiator type
  • Specific skills and communication techniques to influence your counterpart based on their negotiator type

Conducted by negotiator type expert Brandon Voss, this half day training session provides your team with immediately applicable skills and techniques. Training is designed to be highly interactive and will use video clips, business/hostage negotiation stories, and group exercises to solidify concepts.