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A/V Requirements

Presentation / Stage Set Up:

Chris's presentations utilize storytelling to engage the audience, illustrate key points, and provide practical skills for implementation.  Chris uses a minimal amount of Powerpoint slides. His presentations often incorporate short video clips.

  • Lavaliere Microphone (please, no handheld or wired microphones)
  • Projector and Screen
  • Macbook Pro compatible HDMI connection to projector/screen*
  • Audio out from Chris's Macbook Pro
  • Lectern/podium for Chris's laptop. The lecturn/podium should be positioned to one side of the stage. Chris will run his own slides from here, but mostly present center stage and make full use of the stage space. 
  • Small table with water
  • If there will be a Q&A portion, an audience handheld mic with a runner

* If Chris's presentation is required to be uploaded to another computer or you would like a copy prior to the event, please contact Brooke Olander at


If you have any questions or require more information, please email Chelsey Wyant at